Looking to Detox, Shape Up and Improve your Eating Habits? 

The Boda Cleanse Program takes you through a 

Two-Phase Plan

PHASE I: 5 Day Smoothie & Juice Cleanse - supplemented with our Certified Organic Superfood Powders to support you through this "cleanse" or "detox" phase of the program.  

PHASE II:  from Day 6 you transition to a 14 Day Intermittent Fast, where you continue with your Superfood supplemented Smoothies and Juices but include  also 1 "main meal" a day + Soup for Dinner or Lunch. In this this phase that you will re-set your system! 



We've covered every base to ensure that you have everything you need to maximise the benefits you gain. 


This is a GREAT program. It was challenging at times, but not as difficult as it may seem to be. I felt fine throughout the process for the most part, except for one day when I felt weak due to the incredible amount of toxins flushing out of the body. Upon completion, I felt great and my energy levels went through the roof. I had the desire to exercise and as well as handle tasks that I previously never seemed to have the energy to do. I continue to feel great well after the completion of the program (since I don't have a desire to eat foods that are not good for you). It feels like a fog slowing me down has been lifted and I can see things a lot more clearly and I don't find myself getting upset by small things that bothered me previously. There is great support throughout the program as well and the materials provided really help you understand what you are doing and its benefits. I strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to increase his or her well-being  

Rod O'Connor *

Hi Aaron. Day 10 of the program and I'm feeling fantastic.
It is amazing what your body does not need in terms of food. And really getting the idea of less is more. 2.5kg lighter which is unreal. I did an infrared sauna on Sat (G, I did sweat all the toxins then!). Haven't had any side effects at all (it's not like a live an unhealthy life anyway). Thank you for all your help and keep up with the good work for us :)  

Regards, Juliana Britto *

I recently completed The Boda Cleanse. It was the first time I had done anything like this and went into it wondering if I could sustain 19 days. Happily I stayed the course and got a tremendous amount out of it. The first 5 days on just smoothies and juices was surprisingly easy. There were tough moments but I found the resource manual and the support received  very useful in pulling me through. One of the goals for me in doing the program was to improve my energy levels. I feel amazing now and can't believe how much better my eating habits are. I thought after finishing the program that I might slip back into old habits but it is now 1 week since finishing and I'm still on track. I highly recommend this program to anybody wanting to get their health back on track. I look and feel 10 years younger! 

Anne Watson *

* Disclaimer *
Individual Results May Vary
We can’t promise you’ll achieve the same results as the testimonials provided above. They are all real people and the results they’re sharing were achieved through their effort and participation in our 19 Day Program. As a unique individual, your health journey begins in a specific place, so your results will also be yours alone. 

The Boda Cleanse Comes with 3 Superfood Supplements 

1. "Cleanse" - Diatomaceous Earth, Aloe Vera, Activated Charcoal Powder 

2. "Reshape" - Smoothie Superfood

3. "Shine" - Liver Support 


"Reshape - Smoothie Superfood"

Reshape is a plant-based high protein blend, featuring organic sprouted rice protein and some of the world's most potent superfoods, including raw cacao, maca, mesquite, chia seed, kale, , vanilla powder and shilajit.

The taste is simply divine. The program manual includes lots of great recipes, simply add a tablespoon or two of "Reshape" and you've got an amazingly nutritious breakfast! 

"Shine - Liver Support" 

Your liver is your hardest working organ, particularly when doing a detox, so we've created a powdered superfood formula to give it the ultimate support.  

"Shine - Liver Support" features blood building wheatgrass and extraordinary antioxidants such as Baobab powder, Acai Berry and Shiljit. We've also included a little Chlorella powder for it's ability to bind toxins.

Not everyone loves the taste of Greens, so we've added a good dose of of our Superfruit Juice powder to add some natural sweetness. 

A Word From The Author & Creator of The Boda Cleanse. 

“When I created ”The Boda Cleanse" I wanted it to be something that anybody could do, no matter what level of health they are at, nor how busy and active they are. I'm pleased then that people are able to complete the program whilst going about their normal everyday life. Most of all though, it's gratifying to see that people come away from it carrying forward better habits, with lasting benefits.