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The 6 Steps to the “Boda Liver Cleansing Program” Explained

Over the last 5 years, providing Detox and Rejuvenation therapies here at Boda we’ve observed from time to time clients undertaking Liver Cleansing / Liver Flush protocols.

Andreas Moritz ( “The Miracle Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse”), Dr Hilda Clarke and Dr Robert Schultz all have popular Liver Cleansing protocols which are similar in involving days of preparation to dissolve liver / gallstones leading up to doing an actual “liver flush” involving olive oil / citrus juice and epsom salts all to “flush” stones out of the liver and gallbladder.

Certainly the feedback we’ve received at times is that the results can be very good, the problem we see though is that this protocol  requires a lot of commitment and many people have issues consuming the olive oil / citrus juice concoction and the epsom salts either side of it. It seems too that without strict adherence to the protocol, the results are not good and even then it’s usually the case that you need to do several of these “flushes” before you really start making progress. Certainly I believe the “liver flush” can be very good for those particularly dedicated types but for the rest of us I’ve designed our own  Boda Liver Cleansing Program which is far less arduous yet incorporates key “liver detoxing  / rejuvenating ” components.

The Boda Liver Cleansing Program” retains some of the key elements consistent in the above “liver flushing” protocols such as the dietary guidelines but also borrows from some of the wisdom from Gerson Therapy and Budwig Protocols which are renowned for their liver (and cancer healing ) benefits.

6 Step “Boda Liver Cleansing Program”

1. 3-5 Days Duration

The program goes over 3 to 5 Days ( we recommend 5 days ideally be done, however the program can also be done over 3 Days).

2. Coffee Colonics

Day 1 kicks off with a Coffee Colonic, with the 2nd Coffee Colonic done on the last day of the program which is being either Day 3, 4 or 5.

The effect of coffee infused into the colonic is that it lowers the quantity of blood serum toxins and causes dilation of the bile ducts.
3. Low Protein / Fat dietOver the course of the program, in accordance with the liver rejuvenating principle of Gerson Therapy a low protein / low fat diet is undertaken.4. Emphasis on including high sulfur containing foodsThese include cruciferous vegetables ( i.e kale, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, bok choy etc) and foods such as garlic, onion and legumes.The reason for emphasizing sulfur containing foods is because sulfur is a precursor mineral for synthesizing glutathione in the liver. Glutathione is the body’s “master” antioxidant, it is by far the most potent antioxidant which also keeps all other antioxidants performing at peak levels.  For the liver to perform it’s detoxifying activity is vital that it have access to high levels of glutathione. Trouble is because sulfur levels are very often deficient in humans, so too are glutathione levels. Apart from emphasizing sulfur containing foods during the program, we also supplement MSM (see below).5. MSMFollowing on from point 4 “emphasizing sulfur containing foods”, MSM short for methylsulfonylmethane, is a safe, natural organic form of sulfur readily absorbed and utilized by our bodies. MSM is composed of 34% bio-available sulfur, making it the richest source of organic sulfur  available.

The program includes Boda MSM which is consumed in lemon water, smoothies and juices throughout the day.

6. Supplemented Smoothies & Juices

Each morning starts off with a glass of warm lemon water supplemented with a teaspoon of MSM.

Chinese medicine promotes sour tasting food as conducive to liver health. The warm lemon water stimulates liver enzymes and hence kick-starts a sluggish liver. Additionally, Vitamin C is great for liver health. Studies have shown large quantities of vitamin C flush out fats and repair liver damage. Also, because MSM acts to increase the permeability of the cell wall, one of it’s great benefits is that it greatly increases absorption of nutrients. Vitamin C absorption is therefore greatly enhanced with the addition of MSM.

The program incorporates a Breakfast “Green Smoothie” and evening “Liver Cleanser” juice.

Ingredients for the Green Smoothie includes adding flaxseeds which are renowned for their liver supporting benefits due to their ALA content. Pairing MSM (organic sulfur) with the flaxseeds in the smoothie also activates the Budwig protocol whereby sulfur binding the proteins in the flaxeeds enables the ALA to more actively penetrate the cells and perform their antioxidant duties.


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