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All Natural Colon Cleanse, Our DIY Colon Irrigation Device

Since closing our clinic in Mosman in December last year, I’ve been on the search to find an all natural colon cleanse method to replace colon irrigation in support of “The Boda Cleanse“program.

Irrigating the colon is simply the best way to cleanse the colon. If going to a colon hydrotherapy clinic isn’t something you would do though, the alternative is to an enema at home.

The problem with enema bags though is that because they rely on you feeding the water in via gravity, it is often quite a cumbersome process (particularly for the novice)! It can get a bit messy as well, as controlling the water flow can be a little tricky, – often water leaks.  For this reason most people will often do their enema is the bathroom where they have space to lie down (often in the bath).

For the above reasons, suggesting enemas was always something I was a little hesitant about. About 1 year ago though, I was speaking to an Ayurvedic Doctor who told me about a devise called a Higginson Syringe that he had his clients use for colon cleansing purposes.

The Higginson Syringe was named after Alfred Higginson who first developed the device in the mid 1800’s and was widely used in medical practice up until early this century.  In India it’s continued to be used extensively and has in more recent times begun making a comeback in western countries.

Intrigued by it, I purchased some higginson syringe’s last year and had several clients visiting me for colon hydrotherapy try it. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, so renamed to a “DIY Colon Irrigator”, we’ve now made it an integral part of our program.

Advantages of the DIY Colon Irrigator

It is far easier to use  than hooking yourself up to a enema bag. Only a limited amount of water is pumped in at a time, which you control the frequency of. As soon as the pressure of water gets uncomfortable you’re able to expel immediately as you’re already sitting on the toilet. As you gain experience and confidence with using the DIY Colon Irrigator you will find that you’re able to take in more water, hold it longer and achieve a more thorough cleanse.

Why Colon Cleansing is So Vital During a Detox

The detox / cleansing process which occurs during a Detox (and especially during The Boda Cleanse) increases the work load on the detox and elimination organs.  It is therefore vitally important that these organ’s function is not only supported but in fact enhanced.

The Boda Cleanse supports these organs through functional foods / supplements including “Shine – Liver Support”, “MSM – Detox Enhancer”, “Cleanse – Colon Cleanser” and the “DIY Colon Irrigator”.

With the increase volume of toxins being processed by the liver, “Shine – Liver Support” and “MSM” enhance the liver function. The toxic residue which is then produced is then eliminated via urine and bile (which is removed via the colon).

There is often an increase in volume of faecal matter during a cleanse (even when less or no solid food is being eaten). This is simply because of the increased amount of work being performed by the liver.  The liver and gallbladder produce bile which aside from assisting in digestion, bile also is a carrying agent for toxic by-products produced by the via after phase II Liver Detoxification. This bile is stickier in texture due to the increase in mucus associated with toxins. Once eliminated into the intestines, this “sticky bile”  mixes with food residue and other matter to become faecal matter to be eliminated via the colon. Unfortunately, this sticky faecal matter may be more difficult than usual to effectively remove. There may also already be varying degrees of faecal matter already accumulated in the colon, making effective elimination even more difficult.

Promoting elimination is thus a vitally important aspect of The Boda Cleanse because until toxic matter has been thoroughly eliminated,  the person hasn’t truly cleansed themselves.

Cleanse – Cape Aloe Colon Cleanser” included in the program, can in itself be very effective. It has a hydrating and stimulatory effect on the colon. Despite this, most people have a degree of accumulated dry matter in the colon which to be removed needs to be irrigated. Also, as mentioned above faecal matter produced during a cleanse has a stickier texture so again colon irrigation will ensure that what “Cleanse – Colon Cleanser” isn’t able to remove, the DIY Colon Irrigator will.

Instruction on How to Use 


What you’ll need;
– 1.5 – 2 liter plastic or glass water bottle
– snug fitting household rubber or latex gloves
– Lubricant (i.e aloe vera gel, coconut oil or any other natural lubricant).
– 1 large bath towel
– Masking tape or Sticky tape
– a Stool (or something else toilet height) to place the water bottle on next to the toilet.



Before Getting Started

*The DIY Colon Irrigator comes in a sealed sterilised bag, however if you have used the devise previously, please ensure that it has been sterilised with hospital grade disinfectant before use.
*Allow at least 15 minutes to complete your cleanse.



1. Put on gloves, position stool next to toilet, cover with towel and place water bottle filled with warm water along with lubricant on top.

2. Taking the valve end of the tube, place it in the bottle and push it down so that it reaches the bottom on the bottle (suggest then that you use tape at the neck end of the bottle to secure the tube (to stop it from moving around).

3. Before insertion press the pump a few times until the entire syringe is full of water.

4. Position yourself seated on the toilet.

5. Lubricate the Rectal pipe/nozzle.

6. Gently and slowly Insert the rectal nozzle into the anal passage (approximately 5cm or until reaching the red rubber tubing). If you feel any resistance just redirect the pipe, do not force it in.

7. Pump the rubber bulb (in the centre of syringe) slowly and gently to ensure regular flow of water. Go slowly, pause in between pumps as going too quickly can create the need to evacuate immediately. The slower the better. The key to a successful colon irrigation is to allow the warm water plenty of time to rehydrates the contents of your colon and let your colon gradually work into the process.

8. You may take most (or even all of the water) on your first cycle which is fine. Or it may take several “fills and then releases” before you get through all of the water. Remember take your time. Lightly massage the lower abdomen in a clockwise direction.

9. When you feel it is necessary to release the water and waste in the toilet, gently take out the nozzle and position it next to the bottle and wrap towel around it.

10. Repeat this process as many times as necessary to go through all of the water. Remember take your time.

After Use

*Take the DIY Colon Irrigator and water bottle and wash / soak in hot water with hospital grade disinfectant.

*You can reuse your DIY Colon Irrigator again once cleaned and sterilised.


Interested in Purchasing?

Please visit the following link Boda DIY Colon Irrigator


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