The Boda Story

Taken from my book “The Boda Fast – a three step plan to lower inflammation, maximise fat burning and restore vitality“, this Chapter at the beginning of the book details how I first got inspired to take my journey which eventually lead to starting Boda Wellbeing and writing the book. 

How “Boda” came into being in many ways started in December of 1999, when the seeds of inspiration were planted at a seven day fasting retreat my wife Tara and I undertook in Koh Samui, Thailand. “Dharma Healing International” run by Hillary Adrian Han was a life changing experience for both of us.

Dharma Healing International where it all started for me.

Dharma Healing International where it all started for me.

In our late twenties at the time and living an exuberant, fast paced life in Tokyo, a “detox” on our way through to spending Christmas at home in Sydney was much needed.  Working in corporate consulting at the time, I had been burning the candle at both ends for too long. “Work hard, play harder” was very much my living mantra at the time. I was physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted, yet it was only really once I stepped out of my Tokyo world into the serenity of “Dharma Healing” that I began to truly realize it.

Staying in a modest hut on a secluded beach well away from the hustle and bustle of the town, life at “Dharma Healing” was literally a world way, a life blissfully simple. For the first two days I mostly slept and then for the next couple of days battled through the physical and emotional symptoms of “detoxing” brought on from a daily ritual consisting of consuming only coconut water with herbs during the day, with a hot vegetable broth in the evening. To speed up the elimination of toxins we were encouraged to administer our own daily coffee enemas, spend time in the sweat box, have massages, take walks along the beach and swim. Those first four days were intense, I had a lot of detoxing to do but all along we had the reassuring guidance and support of Hillary.

Waking up on day five, I’ll never forget the experience, everything had cleared into a vast spaciousness. The boundary between the sleeping and waking state seemed to have almost merged and I was suspended into a realm of consciousness that felt entirely supported and connected. My head was clear, my cravings were gone, I had abundant energy and felt incredibly calm. From the entire experience at Dharma Healing, it was this feeling of utter serenity and connectedness that left the most profound impression on me.

Since our experience in Koh Samui all those years ago, we’ve carried a piece of it with us. Our experience truly did plant a seed of inspiration as I remember resolving there and then that some day we would bring the wisdom of what we’d experienced into the world in our own way. Our “Boda Fast” programs presented here is an offering to this end.

In 2005 our vision started becoming reality as Boda Wellbeing was born. Since then Boda has evolved to a point where today we present ourselves in two main realms.

Firstly our “Boda Fast” program underpins everything we do and is offered in two versions; The first version is our “5 Day Smoothie & Juice Fast Program” and the second  our “14 Day Intermittent Fasting Program”. Both programs incorporate “fasting” in what we consider a “contemporary” way.

Secondly, we run a Wellness Spa in Mosman, Sydney which is our version of “Dharma Healing”, an urban retreat center offering cleanse promoting therapies such as colon hydrotherapy, far infra-red sauna and Ayurvedic rejuvenation treatments including massage, herbal steam and shirodhara.

From the outset we wanted to create an integrated concept, offering nutritional guidance to promote the body into deep cellular cleansing and healing and in support of that process provide a supportive spa environment to come for cleansing therapies and nurturing rejuvenation treatments. We feel the two go very much hand in hand so whilst undertaking either version of “The Boda Fast” we encourage you to seek out your local provider(s) of the above mentioned services.

Over the years we’ve now had hundreds of clients undertake our detoxing  / fasting programs. The two versions of the program presented in this book, have over the years been refined and updated to the point now where we felt it was time to present them in a format which includes the theoretical detail they have arisen from.

As for myself, whilst formally educated in anatomy, physiology and nutrition, I still see myself as a student of natural healing. Much of my learning I’ve gained from observing clients clinically undertaking our programs, however along the way I’ve been an avid reader and student of anything on the topics of detoxing, fasting, raw food nutrition and natural healing.  For those of you wanting to explore in more detail themes presented throughout this book,  I have included in the bibliography the reading material which has largely formed the theoretical backbone of this book.

To those of you about to embark on our program. its my sincere hope that you’ll be similarly inspired, as you follow our 3 Step path to Cleanse, Reshape, Shine!

Warmest Regards

Aaron Travers

April 2014


Aaron Travers is author of “The Boda Fast – a three step plan to lower inflammation, maximise fat burning and restore vitality”.  Aaron writes at and shares his ideas and experiences on health and wellbeing from his personal life and through working with clients clinically and those doing his “supported fasting” programs.  Every Friday he sends out his newsletter, click below to subscribe.

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