Creating Space by Simplifying

Those of you who have been following my weekly newsletter for a while now will know that I write often on the power of bringing more simplicity into our lives. From my experience, I’ve learned that when times have been rocky or the pressure has really been on, I’ve dealt with it best when I’ve simplified things, and in the process created space to enable me to focus on what really matters.

Success in life comes from simplifying

For me simplifying things starts with getting out of bed early because when I’m not feeling rushed in the morning, it allows me the space to devote to some exercise/yoga, meditation, writing or creative thinking.  Having created a business based on Supported Fasting, it too is one of my simplifying practices.  As I’ve previously outlined here fasting not only keeps me physically healthy but helps keep my mind clear and uncluttered. I’ll come back to Fasting again later because I truly find it to be an incredible way to break free of life’s shackles which weigh us down.
For now though, lets examine what effect an un-simplified, ultra hectic, typical modern-day life has on us.

When things aren’t kept simple..

Whilst all of us would agree that keeping things relatively simple would be nice, most of us find that its a battle to keep it that way! In a world which often feels competitive and unforgiving, we end up contracting into our little worlds. Here we become very focused with our own wellbeing, being successful and looking good in the eyes of others. We also become fixated on our own personal pleasure and comfort, whilst wanting to avoid anything “bad” or “uncomfortable”. Of course living life from this contracted (limited) sense of self makes peace of mind all the more allusive. Further, our fear of being uncomfortable or failing stops us from embracing change , making frustration and irritability more commonplace. I wrote about overcoming fear here, for those who are interested.

The benefit of keeping things simple..

Simplifying things untangles us and opens up space which allows you to expand your sense of self and see life from a wider view. When we can become content with the way things are (even if that is less) then the pressure to keep getting more or better subsides with it. From here we start to get more in touch with what is truly important to us as our focus is better. We connect better with the people who are really important to us and we get our motivation for life back. Taking on new challenges now don’t seem so overwhelming.

How to simplify things..

It doesn’t take much for life to sweep you away in its tide, so I think the practice of simplifying our lives is something we have to regularly take stock of and re-access. This is by no way a full list, by here are a few things I’ve learned along with the way in simplifying my life;
  • Limit your time devoted to distractions such as TV, internet, social media, checking emails, reading the news updates, playing games etc.
  • Similarly say no more often to taking on more commitment of your time – this might mean that you take on less work or have less social interaction but if your life is already too busy then by saying no, you’re saying yes to more important things.
  • Wake up early in order to start the day off in a clear, positive mindset.
  • Change takes time, so if you start something new, commit to doing it for at least 1 month.
  • Declutter your home and work space in order to allow your mind to be less distracted and therefore more focused.

Finally, on the physical level, taking time out to simplify your diet for a period allows your body to re-set itself and do some housekeeping of its own. Specifically, by resting the body from its usual onerous task of digesting our commonplace diet, it is able to devote far more of its energy into healing and regenerating. Toxins are flushed out of the cells, hormones rebalance, cellular respiration improves, and along with it energy generation.  Eating as nature intended, that is raw, unprocessed, plant-based nutrition moves us in this direction. Lowering the workload on the digestion further by imposing some degree of calorie restriction or fasting accelerates and enhances the process.

Making healthy, simplifying lifestyle changes require us to get into the right mindset. Getting into the right mind-set though more often than not requires first that you restore your vitality. Fasting, particularly the way my program “The Boda Fast does it with nutrient support is a great way to set you on this path. 

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Aaron Travers is author of “The Boda Fast – a three step plan to lower inflammation, maximise fat burning and restore vitality”.  Aaron writes at and shares his ideas and experiences on health and wellbeing from his personal life and through working with clients clinically and those doing his “supported fasting” programs.  Every Friday he sends out his newsletter, click below to subscribe.

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