Dance without knowing the next step

The past 12 months have been quite the rollercoaster. The call for change had been creeping upon us, then it seems thrust at us.

Change or wither, is the message. I knew it in my heart and mind, and it was revealing in my health. But how, when and what. To make big change decisions is not comfortable. That’s why we mostly resist it and opt for the path which provides comfort and reassurance. There have been moments of despair, of course because expectations of certain outcomes were not met, but I have also consciously indulged those disappointments as momentary, that should be honoured, then swiftly moved on from. Those moments highlighted the undeniable. We want out of the city and a new beginning in the naturally beautiful environment and community of Maleny.

So as we transition from a 10 year ‘bricks and mortar’ service business and living in a dense, urban city apartment, to an online products and programs business and move to a sub-tropical hinterland environment, the process is revealing my attachments, my fears, my resistance to change. But life is steering us towards this new life, one where I feel empowered and excited  to rebuild a simple family home, a community, live closer to nature, and open up to a fresh opportunity of existence. I have been humbled and fascinated by the loops and curves of the past 12 months, literally channelling and urging us to change, evolve, and move on…




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