For Phase I of the Program ( 5 Day Smoothie & Juice Cleanse) will I Still be Able to Work and Exercise?

– Absolutely Yes; our methodology of “supported fasting” means that you are getting all the nutrient support you need to go about your usual routine.  Phase 1 is designed to effectively put your body into “detox mode”. Whilst the nutrient support from the program’s superfood supplements will make things easier, there are still some ups and downs with your energy levels in Phase 1. Usually the supplement support greatly eases the symptoms of detoxing. There may be days where you don’t feel like exercising (most commonly in the first couple of days), but often people still do exercise (and we encourage you to do so anyway). After those first couple of days, even without “solid food” most people report that they actually have more energy towards exercise.

Are the Juices & Smoothie’s Delivered? 

With this program, you will make all of the Juices and Smoothies yourself. We firmly believe that the benefits you get from this program are so many greater when you create your Juices, Smoothies and Meals with your own hands.

Do I Need Juicer to Do the Program?

– You can do without a juicer but you really do need some sort of blender or food processor. If using a blender to create your juices if it’s a high powered blender like a Vitamix or Nutribullet if spring water is added to produce used then an easy to drink liquid “juice” is still achieved. For those using a standard blender, you may take the option of straining out some of the fiber through something like a nut mylk bag.

Can I Buy Ready Made Juices / Smoothies?

Yes, if you don’t have Juicer or Blender, or you don’t have time to prepare juices / smoothies then you can simply buy store bought Juices and Smoothies blends and add your programs supplements to them. Fresh is of course best but certainly we’ve had people take this route.

You may also have times where you haven’t been able to prepare your own juice or smoothie (or you just want a change). Again no problem to buy from a store or Juice Bar.

Are Recipes Included? 

Yes, you will receive a Digital Version of The Boda Cleanse ebook which includes a detailed program manual, stepping you through step by step each day of the program. A recipe section is also included.

Can I Change Things in the Program and Still Get the Benefits? 

– Absolutely Yes. We actually expect most people will modify things a little to suit there own unique needs. Through our support we offer to help model the program to suit your needs.  For instance if you don’t want to have your Breakfast Smoothie in the morning, preferring to have it at lunch time or in the evening, then certainly that can be done. Obviously we encourage you to follow the program as closely as possible, but even if you follow it to 80%, you’ll still get enormous benefit.

The Program is Completely Vegan, Am I Allowed to Consume Animal Produce at All? 

Again Yes – we recommend a completely plant based diet throughout the program to achieve maximum results but if at some point within the program you again incorporate animals produce, it’s not a problem.  If you do this, fish is generally the best option, followed by white meats. We really encourage you to try and avoid red meat throughout the program.

19 Days is a Long Time, if I Eat Off Plan am I Risking Undoing the Good I’ve Done? 

Yes, 19 Days is a long time. We understand (and again expect) that for most people they’ll have a day or more where they have to relax their adherence to the program. For instance if you go out to dinner and eat off plan, we encourage you to simply just get back on the program the next  day – you won’t have totally undone the good you’ve done. Obviously if you’ve been following the program for a number of days, your system will be cleaner and more sensitive to harmful food and drink. To what extent that is, is of course an individual thing but if common sense is applied then usually there is little adverse effect from going off plan.

Will I Lose Weight?

This question is asked a lot. In most cases Yes. Obviously individual constitutions make for individual results – certainly though if the program achieves what it intends, then you will burn off some excess fat.

The Boda Cleanse sets out to restore you body’s ability to effectively burn stored energy (fat) in between meals. Stored fat is where we store most of our toxins. Often then the weight people lose is noticeable from deep visceral fat store around the mid-line (where most toxins are stored in fat).

How much Support will I get? 

You will get as much support as you want. As soon as we’ve received your order we make contact with you. You receive a copy of The Boda Cleanse ebook right away which enables you to start reading and getting ready to start your program.  Some people have daily contact, others less – it’s entirely up to you how much you interact with us.

How Long Does it Take for my Program Box to Arrive? 

We Express Post via Australia Post which usually means you’ll receive your program within 2 business days .  The Boda Cleanse Program includes Free Shipping!


** If you have any other questions, not addressed here, please feel free to email us! **


2 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. autumn May 22, 2015 at 2:56 pm #

    Hi there,

    How long is the arrival time? I am in Manly. Looking to start a fast soon, so if it were nearby and quicker to pick up I would do so.. Cheers,


    • Aaron May 22, 2015 at 5:25 pm #

      Hi Autumn,

      Thank you for your enquiry. We are based in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, so we could express post to you on Monday. It would then arrive to you Tuesday afternoon. Upon receiving your order, we send you through the book so that you can start reading and preparing ahead of receiving your program box.

      Thanks again for your interest.

      Kind Regards


      p.s – If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me direct on aaron@thebodacleanse.com.au

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