Intermittent Fasting With Superfoods

Considering the amount of interest in intermittent fasting these days,  I’m a little surprised that the broader discussion on intermittent fasting hasn’t extended much beyond just the fact that you simply eat within a window of 8 hours. Or in the case of the popular 5:2 Fast Diet, they espouse it usefulness, almost entirely on the basis that you can eat pretty much whatever you like for 5 days and then for two days “fast”.

Certainly eating within a condensed time frame (and allowing your body to digest the food and then regenerate fully before eating again), is much of the reason why intermittent fasters can be less discerning on their food choices. Simply, the body given the chance to fully process food and then rest, is able to deal with almost any sort of diet, and still come out on top if you impose some degree of fasting.

Intermittent Fasting’s close cousin Juice Fasting, very much sets it’s pretense on quality of nutrients, in particular it’s ability to lower cellular inflammation and promote detoxing and resetting of metabolism. Raw plant based liquid nutrients deliver live enzymes which powerfully set the magic of fasting in motion.

intermittent fasting with superfoodsPutting Intermittent Fasting with Superfoods Together

For me, over the last 8 years managing clients through “detox / cleansing programs”,   these individual strands of intermittent fasting, fasting, juice fasting, green smoothies, raw food etc have always been central themes.

How they all fitted together though, really started to take shape for me, over the last 5 years.  From what I had observed (and experienced myself), fasting in either the form of juice fasting or intermittent fasting had to the central theme in the equation. Whilst that might impose some hardship, the potential rewards were just too great for it to be ignored. I noted too that in the busyness that consumes most of us, we need fast, effective solutions. Fasting it turns out, delivers this in spades.

Raw food, juices, green smoothies etc provide not only nutrients which promote metabolic change but do it in a way in which the digestive systems is required to do little work in processing it. Further, those nutrients through liquid form can be delivered largely unimpeded straight into the cells. In other words you get maximum nutrition easily, which in turn makes it easier to fast (or calorie restrict) in the first place.

Unfortunately though Juice and or Smoothie Fasting is something that most people can only sustain for perhaps a few days. Great as a tune-up but unfortunately not habit changing.

Intermittent Fasting is in essence about eating in a manner more consistent with the ways our ancestor ate, which I might add is reflected in the way our physiology evolved (i.e we adapted a physiology which could withstand famine by efficiently burning stored fat). Modern day eating has dismantled what nature intended for our bodies.  Somewhat perversely then in first world countries where our problems today are often more associated with our bodies inability to process excess calories, we find now that we’ve lost our ability to effectively burn stored calorie (fat) between meals (so we’re constantly hungry). Intermittent fasting, sets about to restore this ability.

It’s at this juncture that I feel including superfoods within a program of intermittent fasting, can make a significant difference.

Be it juice or smoothing fasting or intermittent fasting, the addition of Superfoods makes the whole process of change easier because (like raw nutritious food but only much better) they deliver everything the body needs and they ease the symptoms of detoxing which come with the change.

How “The Boda Cleanse” Incorporates Superfoods into Intermittent Fasting

Over the five years, The Boda Cleanse has evolved and refined itself to incorporate all the various key components mentioned above, in a way which I feel is congruent and unfolds in it’s most logical way.

Phase I of the 19 Day Program, begins with a 5 Day Juice & Smoothie fast in the first 5 days supplemented with Superfood powders.

From day 6 onwards the program transitions to Phase II,  being “intermittent fasting” where superfood supplemented smoothies and juices are continued, in addition to one main (solid food) meal a day.

In summary then, superfoods are a pivotal component of The Boda Cleanse, supporting fasting through both Phase I & II of the program.

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