Why we need more Yin in this world

Lately I’ve been taking some regular Yin Yoga classes. It’s opening and restorative approach has been so much more than I expected.
Last week, mid-class I quietly cried tears…aahh so much profound beauty in the teacher’s quoted words. This week I had an ECM (Expanded Consciousness Moment) = amazing… I mean, this is the Yoga experience that Yoga is renowned for, what we hear and read about.  I have been truly leaving each class with a new sense and level of learning.

Now I wasn’t seeking any peak experiences like these, but this teacher is particularly awesome. Her guidance, her experienced ability to gently unlock unconscious tension, her sensitivity to know when to stop talking and hold the silence, her authentic philosophical and gentle nature all come together to make this class special. The other aspect is the rather lengthy staying in a simple posture to allow the opening of the Asana to reveal the many layers of ‘holding on’ we are all in a perpetual state of..
In today’s class, in a posture which was delivering it’s fair share of pain, she simply suggested we let gravity be the softening guide to deepen into the stretch. ok.. and in that moment, I gave in to gravity and let go. For that moment I was not my body, I was free-falling, and any pain, was gone. For that moment *Sushumna Nadi (the energy meridian of attachment) was free flowing…
With that glimpse of Bliss now passed my usual RE-action is to return to ‘hold on and attach’ ie. back to grit and pain. With the teacher’s timely suggestion I observe and remind myself to yield to gravity again and soften my ‘grip’. Through this repeated process I’m experiencing all the little resistances (controlling the pain) there are throughout our lives and how if we can just yield and soften in life, things can be more joyful and less painful.
The other awakening is the experience of my resistance and discomfort towards the heat that literally surges through me. I mean, we’re just holding a seated posture here, but that 3-4 minute holding unleashes stagnant Prana through the organs, joints, muscles, fascia, marmas and nadis, emotions. The Prana is full of fire (pitta element) as it forces it’s way out through the skin (sweat) and breath (hot air). It’s intense and uncomfortable but such incredible and total rejuvenation.

There are Yin and Yang dominant cycles in life. Only a little while back a very physical, dynamic Yoga was what resonated for me. Then quite suddenly I felt the need to pull back from that. For now I’m so thankful for the experience of a great teacher and what Yin Yoga is teaching me right now. The raw simplicity and back-to-basic approach is what I’m loving.  I’m bare-facing my own self imposed limitations, without anywhere to hide. Yin Yoga is yielding, feminine, spacious and kind Yoga.
And we need more Yin in this world.

Everyone’s favourite, Shivasana, brings us to the end of the class and Kat quotes from Rumi – ‘Close both eyes to see with the other eye’ which is amazing and the perfect nudge off the edge and into a meditational abyss.

About Tara: 
“As an ever-learning student and practitioner of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy I’m learning a deeper understanding and balancing of the microcosm (our body) within the macrocosm (the universe) – it’s a beautifully fascinating Science of Life.”
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