Patience, Practice and Healing

“Patience – the gift of being able to see past the emotion.” 

Over the last 5 years supporting clients undertaking healing and rejuvenation programs, I’ve often observed dramatic results.

At times it’s awe inspiring seeing the physical, mental and spirit transformation many people go through.

persist and heal

persist and heal

The healing path however is not always a linear one  – in fact it’s quite often a bumpy road.  Particularly with fasting, I often observe people go through a common pathway. Initially there is some withdrawal, then detox symptoms begin. Thereafter the body settles but the mind stirs and emotional stuff comes up. Finally, the mind clears and we land into a space of equanimity where a glimpse of the divine is often directly experienced.

For some this all happens in the space of days, for others it takes much longer.

All of us though make initial gains and then we seem to plateau (or even seemingly start going backwards).

The initial gains however are very helpful in providing much needed momentum in the difficult process of change. Our detox, fast or health kick (whatever you call it) gets you feeling alive again, so that you then tackle life’s challenges with renewed optimism.  Unfortunately though this glow eventually starts to wear off and worse, in your more enlightened state of consciousness you now often discover the depression, grief or pain that was hidden underneath.

This is where the real work begins. To continue to heal and grow, we must nurture the virtues of patience and practice.

Despite the ups and downs which come with recovering our health and vitality, American novelist and poet Mary Sarton reminds us that “Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us into the slow circles of nature, is a help“.

Some days are good, others not so good but as we adopt the pace of nature, the reward is patient acceptance of our healing.

So how do we adopt the pace of nature? Well of course you get closer to it through a daily practice such as a morning walk or a swim in the ocean. Or perhaps for you it’s a spiritual practice that takes you out of the mundane world of the mind and back into your body. Or perhaps it’s simply gifting yourself daily the pleasure of doing something for yourself which you love deeply which similarly takes you out of your mind. Perhaps it is time to start painting or drawing again, playing music, reading, gardening etc.

What is your health promoting practice? Is it time to re-engage it? Start now.

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Aaron Travers is the author of The Boda Fast – a three step plan to lower inflammation, maximise fat burning and restore vitality”. Aaron writes at and shares his ideas and experiences on health and wellbeing from his personal life and through working with clients clinically and those doing his “supported fasting” / intermittent fasting diet programs. Every Friday he sends out his newsletter, click below to subscribe. 

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