Boda ‘Fasting Support’ Natural Metabolic Stabiliser




Fasting support is a herbal, vitamin and mineral formula designed to help balance blood sugars, ease uncomfortable symptoms of detoxing, and may assist in promoting fat burning.

The formula features antioxidants vitamin C, E and Alpha lipoic Acid to support liver detoxification, as well as a blend of herbs such gymnema sylvestre, cinnamon, guggul and bitter melon used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Gyynema sylvestre translates to “sugar destroyer” as it dulls the ability of the taste buds to recoginise the sweet taste, so may naturally decrease the desire for sweets. It also slows down the absorption of simple simple sugars in the intestines, so may promote the body to use fat instead of sugar as a fuel supply.  Biotin, zincmagnesium and chromium also help balance blood sugars, further lessening cravings for sugar (and food in general).


  1. Potent antioxidant liver support
  2. Blood sugar support to make fasting easier
  3. May promote burning of stored fat




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Weight .250 kg