The Boda Cleanse 19 Day Intermittent Fasting Detox Program



Intermittent Fasting Overview

The Boda Cleanse 19 Day Intermittent Fasting Detox Program harnesses the miraculous benefits of Intermittent Fasting in a Two Phase, 3 Step Process, to Detox, Burn Fat and Restore Vitality.

You start off with a 5 Day Smoothie & Juice Cleanse and then transition to a 14 Day Intermittent Fast.

We call it supported fasting® because throughout the entire 19 days you are supported by our superfood supplements making your cleanse not only enjoyable, but far more beneficial.

The Boda Cleanse is more than just a short term detox program. It is a program that can truly set you on a path towards improved digestion, weight management, and greater vitality.

By the end of 19 days, you will have not only thoroughly cleansed your body, but will have entrenched new and improved eating habits as we reset and fine-tune your metabolism.

Our method of supported fasting® has been specifically designed to quickly restore metabolism back to the way it’s supposed to be.  That is, you regain your ability to effectively burn stored energy (i.e fat) in between meals.

Not only will your body then have deeply detoxed (as you’ve burnt off toxic stored fat), best of all, you’ll find that you can eat less throughout the day, yet maintain high energy levels  and sustained mental clarity.


1. Improved Digestion 

✓ eliminate bloating & fluid retention
✓ start getting on top of food sensitivities

2. Weight Loss 

✓ restore the ability to efficiently burn fat, especially “toxic” fat around the mid-line.

3. Improved Energy Levels & Stress Tolerance 

✓ restore the hormonal system to effectively utilise energy

4. Get back your Glow 

✓ clearer, refreshed skin & sparkling eyes

5. Break unhealthy habits 

✓ overcome cravings for sugar, refined carbs, caffeine and alcohol.
✓ redefine your relationship with food and drink

6. Thoroughly cleanse & rejuvenate the intestines and detox organs 

✓ eliminate toxins, fungal and bacterial overgrowth
✓ restore healthy gut flora balance
✓ spark up the liver
✓ improve bowel function

7. Feel “fully alive” again

✓ nothing beats the calm and positive mindset that you will reach on this program!

You will receive:

  • Cleanse‘ – Cape Aloe Colon Cleanser – capsules taken in the evening to promote digestion and effective elimination.
  • Reshape‘ – Smoothie Superfood – makes your “Breakfast Smoothie”; packed with high plant protein Superfoods, including sprouted brown rice protein, cacao, mesquite, spirulina and bee pollen to power you through the day.
  • Shine‘ – Liver Support, taken throughout the day. Features the world’s best antioxidant superfoods; wheatgrass, goji berry powder, baobab powder, acai berry powder, chlorella powder and shilajit.
  • Full support via email, video or phone call.


How Does “The Boda Cleanse” Work?

“The Boda Cleanse” is a 19 Day Program which unfolds in a 3 Step process;

Step 1. Cleanse – Anti-Inflammatory diet. Involves the elimination of inflammation causing foods / drinks and the emphasizing of plant-based, raw food. Get the body into “Detox mode”

Step 2. Reshape – Once in “Detox Mode’ the next step is to “supercharge” the process by imposing some degree of “calorie restriction” and “intermittent fasting”.  Forced to shift to burning stored fat in between meals, metabolism is not only fine tuned and improved, but deep visceral (toxic) fat can now be burned off.

Step 3. Shine – Support & Remove.  The programs supplements ease the symptoms of detoxing but also help speed the process of change. The function of the detox organs and elimination channels are enhanced by the inclusion of Shine – Liver Support and Cleanse.  For those interested in colon irrigation, we also sell  DIY Colon Irrigator devices in on our online store, which can be safely and easily used at home.

The Above 3 Steps are done over the course of Two Phases

Phase I;

5 Day Smoothie & Juice Cleanse” entails have entirely superfood supplemented liquid meals for 5 Days. This quickly and effectively puts the body into “detox mode” and begins to reset the metabolism.

Phase II;

From Day 6 onwards the program transitions to a “14 Day Intermittent Fast” which returns the participant to a more “normal” pattern of diet. The superfood supplements continue to be taken in the same manner , however a solid food “Main meal” is had at lunchtime, and then Soup for dinner.

Whilst Phase I may take the participant through all 4 Steps, Phase II marks the time that the benefits are fully realised and changes ingrained. The detox organs are deeply cleansed and rejuvenated. Digestion improves, hormonal systems are rebalanced, and asa result, improved energy levels and physical appearance are rewards.


Why Choose “The Boda Cleanse” Over Other Methods of “Cleansing”? 

1.  It’s not just a short term Cleanse, with short term benefits. You’ll experience all of the benefits of doing a Juice & Smoothie Cleanse BUT also transition to a program which will extend the benefits whilst ingraining new habits over the ensuing two weeks.

2. The Boda Cleanses’ Superfood supplements greatly assist in the revitalisation of your detox organs and make your “detox” so much more effective and easier.  The supplements really do take this program to a whole new level of benefit.

3.  You Control What You’re Consuming, you just add the Organic Boda Cleanse supplements for enhancement and support. You choose what recipes suit your taste and importantly you can consume them fresh. When you reach Phase II, for Lunch and Dinner you choose what you eat, the program simply gives you a chart of which foods to exclude, which to eat moderately and which foods to emphasise.

4. If you’re Time Poor or Don’t Have a Juicer or Blender, You Don’t Need One!  – Fresh is of course best but our Organic Superfood Powders can simply be added to a bottle or carton of store-bought juice or smoothie blend.

Many people doing The Boda Cleanse, do exactly this – the Superfood Powders on their own give you absolutely everything you need.

5. Flexibility – Whilst the Program Manual put a structure in place, we encourage everyone to modify the program slightly to suit their own individual needs. Your assigned “Support Coach” is always on hand to answer questions and help make the program work for you.

6. Support – from the e-book, to access to “The Boda Cleanse ‘Communities’  Support Page”, through to email, “live chat”, or even video calls, you’ll have access to all the information, tools and support you could possibly need to make your “Cleanse” experience a truly transformational one.

If you have any questions, please email them to 

What Some of Our Past Participants Have Said..

Allison Emanuel Co-owner Vision Personal Training Studio

Well it's 2 days post '5 Day Cleanse' and I feel awesome!!! I even went out and bought a new juicer today. I cannot recommend the program enough for anyone wanting to reconnect with themselves. I definitely went through a rollercoaster of emotions, but feeling all the wonderful benefits today. I even lost 4cm around my waist and 3kgs of toxins! It was just what I needed, heaps of great info & support and will be doing the next one in 8 weeks!

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