The Boda Cleanse takes the best of Intermittent Fasting found in the Fast Diet into a 19 Day Program. The program starts with a 5 Day Smoothie and Juice Cleanse, there after transitioning to a 14 Day Intermittent Fast.

Although calorie restriction and fasting and key elements employed in The Boda Cleanse, the program’s Superfood powders give you ample nutritional support. To further enhance detoxification and speed up metabolic change, other “functional” supplements are also included.

By the end of 19 days, you will have not only thoroughly cleanse your body, but will have re-set your digestion and re-tuned your metabolism.  As your body makes the positive shift from habitually burning sugar to burning stored fat to fuel metabolism, you’ll find you’ll have more sustained energy throughout the day.

Best of all, because you’re now more efficiently burning stored fat, any toxic fat you’ve been storing (particularly around the midline) will either have been entirely burnt off (or at least be on path to being so).

The Boda Cleanse is more than just a short term detox, it’s very much about fundamentally changing your metabolism to restore it’s innate ability to be efficient.


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