Raw Food Diet and The Boda Cleanse

The following excerpt from The Boda Cleanse – The 4-Step Intermittent Fasting Program to Detox, Burn Fat and Restore Vitality demonstrates that all of dietary modifications during a detox, nothing beats a central focus on a raw food diet

Remove Pro-inflammatory Foods

Food and drinks that lead to a decline in the health of the biological terrain are listed below. Whilst there are other classes of food that also lead to “abnormal fermentative metabolic conditions” and resulting “cellular inflammation”, the following are the leading culprits:

Raw food diet - the ultimate for detox

Raw food diet – the ultimate for detox

Sugar includes in its various forms; refined white sugar, processed sugar such as sucrose or corn syrup, honey and maple syrup and fructose contained in fruit.

Whilst fruit is of course healthy, fruit tends to ferment quickly after being consumed, so in a digestive tract where there is already a build-up of sludge and morbid forms of yeast and bacteria, consuming fruits with high fructose content is like “pouring petrol on a fire”.  For detoxing purposes then, consumption of fruit (particularly high fructose fruit) needs to be kept at a “healthy” level. . “Healthy fructose consumption”  equates to about 25 grams a day for most adults. For anyone with significant health issues such as obesity, pre-diabetes / diabetes, cancer or candida overgrowth, fructose consumption should be kept to no higher than 15 grams a day.

25 grams of fructose equates to roughly two medium size apples and a handful of raspberries. Please refer to Appendix II to view the “Grams of Fructose in Fruit Varieties” Chart.

Processed Foods, includes food and drink in packets, containers, jars and tins etc. They typically contain preservatives, chemicals, sugar, unhealthy salt and trans-fats etc. All of these substances the body sees as foreign, so the immune system responds with an “inflammatory response” to neutralise and eliminate them.

Grains, particularly “refined carbohydrates” (i.e. bread, pastries, pasta, noodles etc) all have a high “glycemic index”, so convert to glucose (“sugar”) quickly, adding to the body’s “glycemic load”.

A diet including daily consumption of refined grains, along with sugar and excess protein, lead to “leptin / insulin” resistance (see below). Grains are also a prime food source for unhealthy yeast and bacteria residing in the gut, which can lead towards “gut dysbiosis” (flora imbalance).

Stored grains also ferment, generating fungus and mold which in turn generate toxins before even being consumed.

Gluten containing grains such as wheat, barley, rye and oats add another level of stress to the system.  Gluten is a difficult protein for humans to digest, thus becoming another major contributor to “gut dysbiosis”.

Finally, gluten is broken down into “gluteomorphin”, which if it escapes through the gut and makes its way to the brain, it mimics the effects of morphine. This helps explain why gluten containing foods such as wheat are so addictive. It is worth noting too, that gluten’s “opioid-like” effect reduces gut motility and is hence a major contributor to constipation.

Flesh foods (Red meat, poultry and fish).  In terms of metabolic combustion, excess protein in the diet, (which is common with the modern day diet) may be associated with creating an over-acid system due to the accumulation of by-products such uric acid and purines in the tissues.

Animal protein requires very strong digestive fluids in order to be properly broken down.  As we age, particularly from the age of forty onwards, it’s common that people produce insufficient hydrochloric acid (HCL) in the stomach. Not only does this compromise the ability to absorb B12 and minerals such as magnesium and calcium, but strong stomach acid is needed to break down protein. In the case of animal protein , because it is particularly dense, it requires especially strong HCL. When HCL is insufficient, partially digested meat residue, including toxins are left behind which then clog the cell’s basal membrane, as well as the interstitial space between cells.  Consumption of excess animal protein, particularly in a weak digestive system is a major cause of accumulating toxins in the circulation.

Additionally, “conventionally raised” livestock and farm raised fish are fed unnatural diets, often grain, soy, corn and virtually anything else that can be procured cheaply as a “filler”. This high grain diet has the same effect on animals as it does on humans, it causes them to “fatten quickly” as they store the excess carbohydrate (sugar) as saturated fat. Consuming the flesh of these animals is in essence really like consuming “2nd generation starch”. This unnatural diet introduces pathogenic bacteria, yeast, fungus and viruses etc, making “gut dysbiosis” a virtual  inevitability for the animal. To counteract this, antibiotics are introduced into the feed which not only eventually lower the immunity of the animal, but once their flesh is consumed by humans, these same antibiotics continue to kill off healthy human gut flora.

Finally, “factory farmed” animals are often routinely fed hormones to speed up growth time, and live in stressful, confined conditions which negatively impact the animal’s health. Whilst the produce from naturally, humanely raised animals is healthier,  the fact remains that as soon as the animal is killed, it’s flesh begins to decay as microorganisms within the flesh begin the process of “composting”.

Dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt) consumption has very similar problems to flesh and organic health foods store.

The truth is pasteurised / homogenised dairy products are essentially “dead food”, as the heat from pasteurisation kills off not only pathogens, but also any “live enzymes” such as “lactase” which would ordinarily help digest the lactose in the milk. In addition, most of the nutrients are destroyed by the pasteurisation and homogenisation process. What is left is a toxic food product which tends to have “mucus forming” effect on the body.

Finally, similar to gluten, the dairy protein casein breaks down to “casomorphin”, which has a “opioid-like” effect that slows digestion and hampers bowel function.

Common Allergenic foods (wheat / gluten, lactose, soy, peanuts, corn, shellfish, eggs) some of these listed have already been covered but are highlighted again here as these are the most common foods to stir up an “extreme immune system (allergenic) response”. Why these foods are common allergens can be explained at least in part due to the high level of toxins they contain, which is a reflection of the amount of bacteria, yeast, fungus etc they routinely contain within them.

Coffee and other caffeinated drinks / Alcohol – all create acidification of the tissue, thereby lowering the amount of oxygen available to the cells. This in turn promotes a fertile environment for morbid forms of yeast, bacteria, fungus and mold to proliferate which leads to inflammation.

Cooked Food, in terms of “pro-inflammatory factors”, consuming anything cooked generates an immune system (inflammatory response) upon ingestion. This is evidenced by live blood analysis after eating cooked food as immediately after eating cooked food there is an appreciable increase in white blood cell count, indicating an immune response. Why there is an increase in white blood cell count can perhaps be attributed in part at least to the food containing toxins. Another likely reason though is due to the effect of cooking the food on the food’s “glycemic index”. For example a raw carrot has a moderate glycemic index when consumed raw ( in other words it converts to sugar moderately quickly after being consumed raw). Cooking the carrot however, breaks down the nutrients speeding up it’s conversion  to sugar (thereby turning a low glycemic food into a more high glycemic food). When sugar floods the bloodstream quickly, raising insulin levels (see section for more details) often brings with it an “inflammatory response”.   In comparison, consuming raw, organic, plant food does not have this “pro-inflammatory effect”.

Given the “anti-inflammatory” effect of consuming raw plant based food, it forms the central component of “Step 3 – Reshape” in the program, which we delve more into detail, in the following chapter.


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Aaron Travers is author and creator of “ The Boda Cleanse– The 4-Step Intermittent Fasting Program to Detox, Burn Fat and Restore Vitality”   Aaron writes at www.thebodacleanse.com.au giving tips and personal insights on how to bring more health promoting simplicity into our lives .


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