Summer Ayurveda Tips for thriving in the Pitta (Fire/Water) season

Align with the movement of the celestial bodies that govern the rhythms of nature and you will have peace, balance, and the possibility for vibrant health.

The “celestial bodies” are the sun and the moon.  Rising with the sun, and resting by the moon is essential. But the sun and the moon also determine the seasons and the tides, so paying attention to the seasons and living accordingly is also essential.  Not only does seasonal living help us heal, maintain health, reduce stress and create ease, it awakens the heart.
Summer is ‘Pitta Season’ (fire element) when we want to be careful not to overheat. Here are a list of ways to keep your Pitta balanced this Summer:
Yin Yoga Moon Salutations ~ Harness your Lunar Power with Chandra Namaskar, a cooling, slowing, feminine flow.
Shitali Breath ~ Switch on your inner cooling system with this powerful Pranayama. Push the tip of your tongue out of your mouth, roll the sides of your tongue towards the center and inhale. Retract your tongue, close your mouth, exhale through your nostrils and enjoy the cool sensation.
Sweet Tastes ~ Sweet foods are especially cooling for Pitta include watermelon, cucumber, mint, coconut, zucchini, fennel, coriander, avocado, aloe and fresh summer greens. 
Aloe Vera ~ Aloe Vera is like ice stored in a plant. Not only does it improve skin tone, reducing redness, acne, signs of aging, it also purifies the blood, strengthens the liver and reduces inflammation.
Lime ~ The health benefits of lime are many. They contain more Vitamin C than a lemon and twice the amount of juice and simply by adding lime to your water increases the absorbability of nutrients by up to five times. The citric acid in lime revs up the digestive fires, while its heavy mineral content creates an alkaline reaction in the system which can relieve heat-related issues such as inflammation, peptic ulcer, dehydration headache and skin eruptions. Amazing.
Calm activities ~  Cooling walks by water or under the moon light, sitting in the shade of a tree, enjoying nature’s beauty, soft music and pleasant fragrances are all balancing for Pitta.
Mint ~ Mint is an excellent herb for Pitta as it dilates and cools. Sprinkle on meals, infuse in drinking water, blend into tonics and smoothies, or simply chew on the leaves for breath-refreshing relief on a summer day.
Fennel  ~ One of the great spices for Pitta, fennel aids digestion without increasing “heat” in the body. Add to foods anytime you cook, and chew on its seeds after a meal to boost metabolism.
Coriander ~ Good for all doshas (tridoshic) in that it balances all mind-body types, Coriander is especially wonderful for Pitta.
Coconut Water ~Use coconut water for sweet, soothing relief. Ayurveda treats sweat and blood as similar. Therefore, while sweating is beneficial for regulating body temperature, we need to immediately replace the lost nutrients. Coconut water is nature’s closest substitute to blood plasma, and therefore quickly absorbed for high-speed restoration. It is a wonder food.
Himalayan or Celtic sea Salt ~ With at least 88 vital minerals, Himalayan salt(rock salt) or Celtic sea Salt , restores much of what we lose when we sweat. Its potassium load balances its sodium so that, when taken in moderation.
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