What is the Easiest and Safest Way to Do a Juice Cleanse?

Easy and safe aren’t often the first words conjured up when contemplating a Juice Cleanse.  Experience definitely counts, as many would attest to having “refined” their juice cleansing over multiple occasions.

Having been there many times myself and supported hundreds of people doing juice cleanses (or similar) , I thought I post a few pointers on what I consider key points to make your juice cleanse easier and safer.

easiest, safest juice cleanse

Easiest, Safest Juice Cleanse

1. Determine if you’re ready for a Juice Cleanse.

For some, a Juice Cleanse may be relatively easy, for most though, it does involve some deep of sacrifice (and perhaps even some hardship). The benefits gained make it worth it but nonetheless Juice Cleansing isn’t often easy, particularly in the midst of our modern day (busy) lives.

So the first question has to be why do you really want to do a Juice Cleanse? Is it coming from a healthy place or are you imposing some sort of penalty upon yourself? As a starting point, your desire to do a Juice Cleanse should come from a deep part of yourself that lets you know that it is something you need to do.  Coming from this deeper level of consciousness, your Juice Cleanse is not about self deprivation but rather gifting yourself the opportunity to heal and regenerate. Having the right intentions behind your Juice Cleanse will help you better ride the highs and lows of your Juice Cleanse.

2. Arrange a Supportive Environment During Your Juice Cleanse

If you’re doing your Juice Cleanse whilst still going to work, then I generally recommend that you don’t tell your co-workers. You might have a particularly good friend at work that you tell but for others, it’s better not to have to deal with their “issues” around what you’re doing. You’re better off without the advice, warnings and jokes so try and keep what you’re doing to yourself.  With family, obviously they need to be on board with what you’re doing. If they see that you’re really positive and in control of what you’re doing then their apprehensions or doubts will be minimized. You may not be able to count on them being fully supportive, so be mentally prepared for that.  You might still be preparing meals for family members. Again, taking a positive view on this is helpful. I personally find myself enjoying preparing food for family members whilst Juice Cleansing. The connection with the food is greater, use it as an opportunity to pour more love into your food preparation.

3. Be Well Prepared and Don’t Be Working it Out as You Go Along!

You may choose the ease or convenience of having Juices prepared for you but if at all possible try to make the juices yourself. You’ll get more out of your Juice Cleanse by choosing and preparing the juices yourself. Remember, your Juice Cleanse is a gift to yourself, one that you will receive more easily if it comes from your own hands.

Make the shopping for all of your ingredients part of the “connection” to your Juice Cleanse. Buy the freshest, best quality ingredients you can and plan out your menu for the amount of days you decide to Juice Cleanse for. If you’re time-poor and you have to make all of your juice for the following day in one go, then so be it. The better prepared you are (i.e you have your juice ready to go whenever it’s really needed) the better your chances of staying on track. If you end having to “work it out as you go” then you’re heading for trouble, it becomes all too easy to cave in ( like joinning your work colleagues for lunch)

4. Prepare by Eating a “Pre-Cleanse” Diet In Preparation

For at least a few days before, (ideally more like a week before) a “Pre-Cleanse” of low fat (plant-based) foods prepares your body, allowing it to ease into your Juice Cleanse.

5. Incorporate Superfoods

Whilst the general principle of detoxing is that the less calories you consume the more you detox, there are good reason to add some high nutritional density foods to your Juice Cleanse. Superfoods are “super” because of their extraordinary nutritional profiles. Foods such as cacao, maca, spirulina, chia and hemp seed, bee pollen, acai berry and goji berries (to name a few) fit the bill.

Superfoods are typically complete proteins, contain omega-3 fatty acids and contains high levels of micronutrients (often including those we’re are often deficient in such as magnesium, iodine, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, sulfur etc.

The purpose of  any Juice Cleanse is ultimately to force your body to burn it’s fat reserves in order to fuel metabolism. This serves the duel purpose of improving / restoring our insulin sensitivity, whilst liberating the cells of toxins (which are mostly stored in fat).

Superfoods due to their nutrient density might slow down your detox a little but it’s important to remember that before we get to the point of burning stored fat , the cells need adequate nutrients to power this process. Since most of us come into a Juice Cleanse nutritionally depleted, our ability to adequately fuel the body with vegetable/fruit juices alone may not be enough sufficient.  as

Its also important to remember too that protein and omega-3 fatty acids play important roles in cleansing / detoxing. Protein is used to repair and rebuild tissue, so including a spoonful of a superfoods like spirulina (which is about 65-70% by weight complete protein) will go a long way to ensuring your body is getting want it needs to heal and regenerate. Likewise omega-3’s contained in superfoods such as hemp, chia, flax, marine phytoplantin is essential to include in any Juice Cleanse. These omega-3’s are potent liver supporters due their extraordinary antioxidant levels, and again each of them contain high macro and micro nutrients.

Lastly, superfoods make Juice Cleansing easier and safer, simply because by including them your body is getting everything it needs nutritionally. There will still be times when you are hungry during a Juice Cleanse, but if you’ve included adequate superfoods in your program, your hunger won’t be because of anything to be concerned about. Your hunger will be present (typically) only in the period where your body is adjusting to less total calories (particularly less sugar / refined foods). Once your body shifts to being about to effectively access fat stores to fuel metabolism, the hunger goes, your energy levels remain good (and you actually start feeling nice and calm and relaxed). Superfoods help get you to that point quicker and ease the symptoms of any detoxing. They are absolutely essentials to any good Juice Cleanse.


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Aaron Travers is author and creator of “ The Boda Cleanse– The 4-Step Intermittent Fasting Program to Detox, Burn Fat and Restore Vitality.”   Aaron writes at www.thebodacleanse.com.au giving tips and personal insights on how to bring more health promoting simplicity into our lives .


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