Why Detox?

Good health is the most valuable possession you could possibly have. Often we only come to truly appreciate this when our body becomes sick or does not perform up to what you think is normal. The truth is the rigors of modern day living make it challenging to maintain balance of body, mind, spirit,  all of which are key components which make up our “health”. When one or more of these components loses balance, health problems appears, like weight gain, fatigue, depression, allergies or digestive issues. Down the line these problems morph into more serious chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer and auto-immune disease, all of which are the scourge of modern day living.

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To begin to understand why modern society is so plagued with these chronic diseases, I think looking at the evolution of medicine over the last two centuries gives some insight into why conventional allopathic medicine doesn’t generally deal well with modern day health challenges, and therefore explains why “detoxing” has so emerged as a solution to begin the process of restoring health.


Dr Gabriel Cousens author of “Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine” points out that at the turn of the 20th century there was considerable debate in medical circles on what was the primary cause of health and disease. In one corner you had exponents of Antoine Bechamp’s (1816 – 1908) “cellular theory” or “pleomorphic theory” which proposed that maintaining a healthy “biological terrain” was the most important determinant to preventing disease. In the opposite corner there was Louis Pasteur (1822 – 1895) and his followers who adopted the “germ theory” as the most important. Of course both are important but in times where “communicable diseases” were the leading causes of death it becomes apparent why after the discovery of penicillin in 1940 that the “germ theory” became the primary focus of modern day medicine.

Despite all the advances of modern day medicine, its drug and symptom-orientated approach do not however effectively deal with the above mentioned health problems and chronic diseases. With these chronic health conditions, simply suppressing symptoms does not eradicate the root cause of the problem. To regain health from these chronic conditions involves employing the other side of the equation, being to “reconstruct” a healthy “biological terrain”. It is from here that the modern day “detox” has evolved, which is basically a process of “taking out the bad things” and “emphasizing the good things” in order to restore healthy balance. When undertaken in a holistic manner, a “detox” can certainly cover off body, mind and spirit and thus truly restore health and vitality.

Today, to deal with modern day health challenges such as those mentioned above, people are taking the restoration of their health back into their own hands. Undertaking a periodic “detox” has become common practice for most health conscious people  wanting to break unhealthy habits, restore balance, get the body working better, and to just generally feel better.

This process of “returning to a more natural way” and in particular “simplifying our diet and lifestyle” in order to restore our health is not only a practical one, but is also an intuitive, time honoured practice. Indeed, before modern medicine our ancestors in times of illness, used food primarily as medicine, ate less and even “fasted” as a means to rejuvenate the body.

Many of the health challenges that we are faced with today, from diminished energy levels, issues with weight management, reduced stress tolerance and digestive function call for a simple “return to nature” approach. The truth is that our body’s have an amazing,  innate ability to restore balance and vitality, if simply given the opportunity.

Our approach then is to honour the innate wisdom of the body, mind, spirit and recreate the conditions to allow them united as one to restore balance, heal and regenerate. Our mantra here at The Boda Cleanse is that “As we ‘Cleanse’, we ‘Reshape’ both physically and mentally, and then ‘Shine’ from the inside out”.

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Aaron Travers is author and creator of “ The Boda Cleanse– The 4-Step Intermittent Fasting Program to Detox, Burn Fat and Restore Vitality”   Aaron writes at www.thebodacleanse.com.au giving tips and personal insights on how to bring more health promoting simplicity into our lives .


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